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Back to the roots of the agile movement

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Our site features a French version of the manifesto for Agile software development and after a month into the new year I think it’s important to put it back on the agenda. Not because I doubt the quality of the work of my colleagues who work with SCRUM, but because it’s time to get back to basics.

The signatories of the manifesto have thought long and hard about the manifesto’s values for making software development more viable, more sustainable and more humane. Personally, I see this manifesto as a reminder that, as a profession, we’re still at the master-apprentice-apprentice stage. We’ve formalized and codified many aspects of our business, but there’s still so much to discover about the dynamics of software development that I think it’s still too early to adopt engineering behavior and methodologies.

And even if we had reached this stage, the manifesto gives a much-needed human dimension to our work. It takes into account the constant changes inherent in learning processes (even in 2013).

So I’m re-inscribing the official (French) version of the manifesto as a testament to its principles:
People and their interactions rather than processes and tools
Operational software rather than exhaustive documentation
Working with customers rather than negotiating contracts
Adapting to change rather than following a plan

Jean Marc